Pianoforall Method Review by Tammy Riggs

You really long to play the piano, but traditional music lessons have never worked out for you.  Take heart, I finally found a TEACH YOURSELF piano product that I can recommend. To start playing today  Click Here!

 As a professional music teacher, I am a little biased toward the traditional way of doing things.  But I have met many adults who simply would learn best with an instructional course that they could use according to their schedule.  The traditional format of private lessons simply doesn´t work for them,but they want to know HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO.  However, I simply didn´t like what I saw in other teach-yourself-piano courses until I ran across Pianoforall.

Right from the beginning, you learn to play things that sound great.

  • This is so important for the adult or teen beginner!  In contrast to the small child beginner, older beginners become discouraged spending half a year (or more) playing little 5 note songs. This simply is NOT an option for them.  PIANOFORALL starts right away teaching popular chords and rhythms.
  • This (chord style) is the style of teaching/learning that I always recommend for those who want a quick start– maybe wanting to play right away in their church or for social occasions.
  • Chord style playing makes it easy to make lyrics with guitar chords (available freely on the internet) into full-fledged piano music.  This is also useful for musicians who learned the old traditional way who can´t play by ear or from a leadsheet.

PIANOFORALL develops complete musicians!When I learned piano there was a prevalent philosophy that real musicians read music and did not play by ear.  But this is patently not the truth!  I always tell my students that the complete musician knows how to play piano both ways.

All-in-one package

  • Many methods cover only the basics.  But PIANOFOR ALL´s complete package provides for the development of the musician to a full level.
  • Some methods are very easy to find at their early stages, but the advanced student has difficulty finding the rest of the materials.
  • Students who have all their materials are more likely to stick with learning, in my experience.
  • Getting the complete package assures that the student isn´t subjected to a hodge-podge of methods, perhaps omitting important concepts.
  • Complete package details Click Here!

All styles of piano covered – pop, blues, jazz, ballads, improvisation, classical.

  • Pianoforall teaches how to play everything you want to play, not limited to only the “music book songs” you remember from the music lessons you may have had as a child.
  • The student learns how to play piano in popular and classical music styles.
  • The skills you need to improvise and make a song truly your own, are taught.  Too many serious students study for years without learning this.

Play-by-ear and learn to read music at the same time.

  • Many of my students are surprised to learn that, yes, it is OK to play by ear!  Others think that there is no need to learn to read music.  But the truth is that both things are necessary.
  • Start out learning how to play the piano by ear.  You learned to talk before you learned to read, right?  The systematic skills for playing by ear and accompanying with chord and rhythm patterns are first.
  • Then learn to read music.   Just as learning to read opens many doors, so learning how to play piano by reading music can make you able to instantly play any written piece of music..

Easy to follow yet comprehensive

To teach yourself piano it is highly necessary that the material be laid out systematically and logically.  Pianoforall presents step-by-step lessons in:

  •    10 clearly laid out ebooks – 600 pages in total
  •    200 videos – over 7 hours in total – 500 audio lessons
  • The videos and audios are accessible  from the page you are viewing so you don’t have to open separate programs.
  • Audio and video are absolutely necessary components of a self-teaching curriculum.  I don´t think there is any way to learn how to play piano just by reading.

Instant download or delivered anywhere in the world on a CD ROM

  • This is important to me as I travel a lot, and meet people in many different places who want to learn how to play piano, but have no access to teachers.

Trustworthy testimonials

  • This is what really convinced me!  You can contact the students who endorse the product.  These are real people who are really satisfied. And that is the real tests of any teacher or material.  Have they really been able to learn how to play piano?  Can the students play the piano?  Are they satisfied with what they’ve been taught?

Available at a special price

I sell materials for the lessons that I personally teach, but I can seldom get a special price for my students.  However, PIANOFORALL will unlock the secrets of how to play the piano at a special price when you buy from my website.

Do you really want to learn how to play the piano? To play so that your friends can sing along? To dream away the hours making your own beautiful music?  Click Here!


Tammy Riggs is a professional music teacher who has taught in the U.S. and in South America.  She teaches all ages and writes and uses curriculum in English and in Spanish.

Making music fun!