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Piano is Fun Software

Fun software teaches kids to read notes.
Fun software teaches kids to read notes.

Many times parents want their child to learn piano, but they don’t have a piano or electronic piano, and they aren’t sure if they want to invest the money without knowing if the child is really interested enough.

Parents, take heart!  With Piano is Fun!  your child can learn how to read notes using only the computer and then transfer that knowledge to the piano when you buy it.  They will also be getting an understanding of the fun that they can have on the piano.

This colorful software introduces the notes gradually through a series of 20 lessons.  Practice games are included that teach them where the note “lives” on the piano keyboard and help to develop their sense of pitch.

I am an affiliate of this product, which I recommend as a great booster for those who are not ready to begin classes, and for students who are already studying.  Any child who plays piano will benefit from this knowledge, even if they are not enrolled in formal classes. And, although it was designed for children, many adult beginners find that it smoothes their way and makes learning the notes easy and unforgettable.

To learn more or buy this software,Click Here!  You won’t be sorry you did.


Disclosure notice: I receive a percentage of the sale on this item, just as I would if I sold it in my studio.  So please buy through my website. I’d also appreciate it if you would send me an email at howtoplay88@gmail.com and tell me how you like it!